Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 60 Bonus Tracks, Digital Editions, Dance Track, SNL, Rob Cavallo, Helping Others

Been around the world a few times since my last message but have been thinking of you all and excited about your messages and Adam’s tremendous progress! I’m in the midst of conversations with RCA and others to help answer some of your questions, especially with respect to the different configurations of bonus tracks; as […]

Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 42 Top 3, Press, Allison Iraheta, AT&T, GoPhone, Voting

Adam is in the Top Three thanks in part to everybody here! It’s amazing and fantastic not only to see him reach such a pinnacle, but also to see the mainstream press’ reaction (he’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly solo!). His family and friends are so rightfully proud of his success and it’s going […]

The Final 7 for AI Season 8; Thoughts on “Locking In” the other Finalists’ Careers

THE FINAL 7 FOR AI SEASON 8: THOUGHTS ON “LOCKING IN” THE OTHER FINALISTS’ CAREERS One of the AI blogs that has been following my Adam blogs asked me to, “give a 2-3 sentence summary of where the other idols stand from your perspective as well,” and it follows. I’d like to thank Herb and […]